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5 Essential Tips For Choosing Throws:

11/21/2014 | By Parade People

5 Essential Tips For Choosing Throws:


This recurring cry, heard at parades everywhere, leaves most Krewe members working hard to find the perfect throws for the Mardi Gras season. Whether you have a fondness for plush, squishy balls, or beads, every season is a chance to have a frenzy-inducing goody for the screaming hordes.

A few things to keep in mind when choosing your throws:

  • Is it EASY to throw? As anyone who’s ever tried to throw cups in a windstorm can tell you, some things are just easier to throw. If you lack hand-eye coordination or the rocket arm of a SEC quarterback, carefully consider the throwability of each purchase. And if you’re walking, you may want lighter weight items like plush that can easily be carried along.
  • Will EVERYONE be throwing this? Maybe you like being a little different, maybe you want the crowd to get a good mix; either way you need to consider how popular a particular item is that year. Some years are all about BIG beads, while some are about stuffed snakes, so consider the crowd pleasing potential before you buy. If the best part of floating for you is hearing the crowd scream for you, make sure to get a couple of "teasers”.
  • Is there enough SPACE on the float? On many floats space is at a premium, so the size of your throws does matter. Typically beads (the staple throw) are the most space efficient, while large plush tends to be the least. Don’t be afraid to get creative by purchasing a good mix of items to use all of the available space. Tall, stiff sided bags or boxes for plush instead of plastic bags can also solve the space problem.
  • How FAST do I throw? If you fling something into the crowd every two seconds you’re going to need a much larger quantity of throws than the Krewe member throwing a single strand of beads every two minutes. Decide in advance what pace you’re going to throw at so you can make an accurate order. Just make sure you aren’t being super stingy, while it doesn’t happen often, unhappy parade goers have been known to send them back.
  • What’s my BUDGET? When it comes to throws, you can be as economical or as ‘high roller’ as you prefer.  If you’re floating multiple parades throughout the season, consider your budget for each parade and look for throws that give you maximum bang for your buck while still being crowd-pleasers.

STILL NOT SURE WHAT TO GET? Our staff can help. At the Pensacola Parade People store we have economy & deluxe throw packages for both day and night parades. No need to spend time agonizing over how many cases, plush, and novelty items to get, we’ve created a nice mix that will be sure to get you from roll-time to the after-party. As an added bonus, when you buy a package, you get a 5% discount on the items in it.

No matter what throw choices you make this parade season, Pensacola Parade People can offer you great prices on all your Mardi Gras needs. See us today for a great selection of the most popular throws out there!

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