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Decorating for the Holidays with Mardi Gras Beads

A few fun ideas for reusing those Mardi Gras beads to make some DIY holiday home decor!

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Our New Downtown Location!

We are happy to announce our move to our new location at 331 W. Government St!

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Silhouette Art Craft

As the season approaches for parties and parades, feasts and balls, many will begin to bring out some level of décor for the occasion. Maybe you favor a flag flying outdoors, a bright tablecloth, or an all out orgiastic display of hand-strung Krewe beads from years past. Whatever your style, consider a quick and easy wall piece to inject new color into this years’ festivities.

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Repurposed Mardi Gras Sh….TUFF!

Mardi Gras festivities often leave us with broken beads, t-shirts that don’t fit and scraggly feathery boas. Before you toss those in the trash consider repurposing them. Sure those beads won’t stay around your neck anymore, but it doesn’t mean they’ve stopped being pretty. That feather boa may look like a plucked chicken after the Grand Parade and disco music got ahold of it, but its not done partying yet.

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“It’s Addictive!”

“Why do you spend all that time and money throwing trinkets off floats?” I have been asked this question by many of my friends from cooler climes, and all I can say is, “It’s addictive!”

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A First Time For Everything!

One’s first parade celebrating Mardi Gras has all the necessary elements of a Jazz Age novel: the raucous crowd, sex-infused music, rivers of alcohol, and scantily clad women. Or, at least, that was my experience.

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5 Essential Tips For Choosing Throws:

“THROW ME SOMETHING GOOD!” This recurring cry, heard at parades everywhere, leaves most Krewe members working hard to find the perfect throws for the Mardi Gras season. Whether you have a fondness for plush, squishy balls, or beads, every season is a chance to have a frenzy-inducing goody for the screaming hordes.

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